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Featured Book - Woman on the Edge


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Beyond surviving is thriving and creating the life you want to live. 

Sanctuary Found book: running from her past Kat settles into a small rural town hoping for a better life.  But, by the wooded lake the demon voices return.  Meanwhile, the quiet peaceful town is rocked by a murder.  While Kat struggles to survive the demon voices the townsfolk struggle with who could have killed Miss Lucy the favorite reading teacher.  Surely the two are not connected; or are they? BUY BOOK



Dr. Daniel Seigel :http://www.drdansiegel.com/

Heather Forbes:www.beyondconsequencesinstitute.com

Trauma and Loss Institutehttps://www.starr.org/training/tlc/com

Dr. Peter Levine Institutehttps://traumahealing.org/

ACE’s Study:http://www.acestudy.org/the-ace-score.html

Dr. Bruce Perry The Child Trauma Academy :http://childtrauma.org/

For more information contact Deborah Chelette-Wilson at deborahchelettewilson@gmail.com


Life And Balance Articles

Points of View - Find...

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

You come into the world as a Soul with your own special gifts, talents and mission to fulfill.

You are born into a family that has a point of view on everything. How to raise children, how to have relationships, beliefs about money, sex, what you do every day, what you do on holidays, which holidays you celebrate, family rules and ways a family d...

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Will We Return to Par...

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Long before the written word, life was very different for humans. These ancestors left evidence in artifacts of carvings and drawings on cave walls. Their symbols reflected a time when there was a partnership between humans. It was a time when the left and right brain were valued and integrated. From their wholeness men and women cooperated with each other. The created a civilization fill...

Recipe for Creating a...

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Decide to have a baby because you need someone to love you.

When you are pregnant make sure you don't get prenatal care.

Stay in relationships that aren't supportive and that cause you stress and pain.

If you are with a man who is abusive make sure you stay even if he hits you in the stomach where your baby is growing inside of you. He'll be different afte...

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Freedom Isn't Free

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Growing up as an Air Force brat and, then as a military wife, this statement of truth was just a given. I grew up knowing about the sacrifices military men, women, and their families made every day and down through history. I knew that those sacrifices were not in vain as I daily enjoyed the freedoms my country offered me even when I disagreed with the d...

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Maintenance: What Happens When I Slip?
For Women
Monica sounded frantic. “I yelled at him! I yelled at him! He went running to his room saying he hates me. What have I done? I’ve ruined everything!” When I hear these words I know that we have come ...
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Deborah Chelette Wilson life coach family counselor Sxchg 3264 296x300
Getting Lost in the Contemplation Stage
For Women
"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom." - Anais Nin Monica is in her early thirties. Her seven-year marriage had ended the day she wanted...
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The Practical Side of Soulfullness
For Women
Another loop around the sun for us as the end of December sets a boundary for the end of 2014. I remember having a conversation about what age I would be in 2000. At that time in my young life 2000 s...
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