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The Practical Side of Soulfullness

Posted by on in For Women
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Another loop around the sun for us as the end of December sets a boundary for the end of 2014.

I remember having a conversation about what age I would be in 2000. At that time in my young life 2000 seemed so far away. Yet now it is 2014!  Amazing how we can get so caught up and distracted in our daily grind we take little time to pause and reflect on where we have been, where we are, let alone where we really want to go.


Newsletter ImageWe spend more time in survival than we do in soul. I think that is why when one speaks about things of the soul or practicing soulfullness it sounds esoteric, impractical, and something you do when you have nothing else to take up your time (meaning it doesn’t happen, until a crisis and maybe on your deathbed when you wonder: Maybe I should have paid more attention to things of the heart and soul?).

I live with survival distractions too. Yet no matter how much I have been distracted by the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences in my life I know there is more to me and therefore to you. I return to some deep won’t-let–me-go awareness that another part of me exists no matter how distracted I get. This is what I call soul. I believe this resides in all of us and when we connect with that something and live from it we encounter our soulfulness.

It is eternal, has a higher awareness, and is connected to the Creative Source of us all. It is the part of us that in any moment we choose, we can return, find it, and become more focused on what is truly important in our lives.  A part of us that knows how interconnected and interdependent we all are with each other, all of life, and our planet. This part knows there is a Presence greater than all of us which has given us all the gift of life.

Christmas and New Year are times of the year when we can either speed up even more or slow down a bit to enjoy the extra activities, and reflect on our blessings no matter how big or small.  In the Christian tradition I grew up with I like to use this time to reflect on the birth of a sacred soul into human form, the gifts of his birth, and life as a model for living. The gift of the New Year is an opportunity to create a new chapter of life. We can continue with status quo or we can choose to create this New Year on purpose connected from our hearts and souls as a practical manifestation in making the mundane activities of life practice for bringing an attitude of gratitude and presence.

How does one manifest soulfulness into their daily life?


Here are some examples on my 2015 action list. I hope you take time to make your own. At the end of next year we can see how we did.

  1. Appreciate one thing about life every day.
  2. Value the body I have been given, exercise daily even if only for 10 minutes, and eat healthy foods.
  3. Be slower to give my opinion and quicker to really listen to what someone is saying to me.
  4. At least twice a day focus on the area of my heart, taking time to breathe and feel appreciation for the steps I am taking to live a more soulfull life.
  5. As soon as I notice I’ve gotten distracted from living soulfully, I will take a deep breath, have compassion for my “monkey mind,” and return to the task or person at hand.
  6. When I become confused or feel like I have lost my way, I will remember what is truly important to me and take the necessary steps to get back on track.
  7. Find some joy in little things (like my feral cats that greet me every morning. The warmth of the sun on my face. Even doing the dishes (I’ll really need to work on this one). You get the idea.
  8. I will complain less about what I can’t do anything about, and take action of the things I can do something about.
  9. When painful stories about the past surface in my awareness may I hold them lightly, acknowledge the experience, and bless the lessons I have been given that have led me back to the importance of connection with my soul on a daily basis.

These are my examples to get you started thinking about what steps will work for you to lead you back to yourself. Like me I know you will get distracted by many things; however I also know you don’t have to stay there. Each time you take a compassionate step on your list you will become more focused, clear, and energized to be the person you want to be.

We have seen so much human destruction. We each have our human survival histories. It is no longer sustainable for us to keep living stuck in stress and survival. It is time we make a shift to become a clearer and stronger channel for a higher consciousness.

I live for that day to come for all humanity. In the meantime, I live for that in my daily life. I choose to be the change I want to see in the world. Will you join me?

Next Year:  Steps to daily practice of soulfulness. Including those days it just doesn’t happen. (I have them too).

Soulfull Woman Deborah Chelette-Wilson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker and life coach who has helped many women find that elusive “something missing” in their lives. We are often pulled in so many directions, that it’s difficult to know how to put ourselves on our own To Do list. Contact Deborah to find out about her free 15-minute coaching session to help you find a more stress-free and soulfull You


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