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A Life Of Love And Balance Blog

Self awareness

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It’s been a while since we’ve been together. I’ve missed you, actually. But it is so easy to get distracted and pulled into the dramas of life. You know the list of To Do’s, the taking on new learnings trying to become my better best new version of myself, making sure I’m taking on challenges instead of making excuses. When I lose sight of you I really get stuck into that survivor mode – white knuckling it through life, anxious worrying about when are things going to work out, trying to make sure I don’t miss out on the next big thing before it’s the old big thing, stuck in learning curves where I meet myself and technology, taking steps to make my business sustainable, financially successfully and socially conscious. I’ve been chasing success for years while taking care of those I love, trying to be the change I want to see in the world, driving myself from beliefs I’m not good enough, I’m not doing enough, Get off your assets and do something, stop making excuses, put your big girl panties on, pull yourself up by your boot straps, check out one more webinar, one more e-book, one more strategy session, one more someone knows how to build a business like mine and I don’t coaching program, one more how to do SEOs, build a better website, upgrade my website, use social media all x number of them, and on and on and on. You know, Calm, if I’d kept all the money I’ve spent on all those things, I’d financially be where I’ve wanted to be all along. Am I wiser for all the doings? Yes, I am. Can I build my Business without all the running around, hoopla, coaching, websites, social media? I don’t know. It is supposed to work because that is what people tell me. Is there a calmer, with ease and simpler way for business to work for me? That’s what I’d like to know then do it. I can have what I’ve been dreaming about for years. But those dreams were all on the back burner caring for others and not myself. I can see without you in my life on a daily basis Calm, and my other friends Intuitive Intelligence and Heart and Soulfull to keep me out or bring me back from the survivor vortex, I struggle. I lose my focus. I meander around in life. And that is anything but Calm. Calm, I do have good intentions each day but then….Oh, wait a minute I’m coming. I just need to finish this note to myself. Yes, I know we are running late. Bye Calm got to go.

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Based on conversations with the Dalai Lama and Scientist Paul Eckman who consulted on the movie Inside Out and with the help of his daughter Dr. Eve Eckman the Atlas of Emotions has been created.  It helps us to understand emotions, their purpose, what triggers them and how we can grow in our understanding of ourselves and each other.

Please check it out: http://atlasofemotions.com/


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The lack of self-awareness about the recent findings from science about our emotions continues to surprise me.  When one doesn't consider the impact emotions have on thinking I call that the "irrational rational".    


Lack of understanding the role of emotions in day-to-day living keeps you reacting and misunderstanding yourself and others.  But even more than that, not understanding emotions and giving emotions their due can have a detrimental impact on health and wellness.   


I think this article needs to be read and understood by every human being on the planet.  We need to upgrade our understanding and management of our emotions for our self-care and how we care for others.  


See for yourself:  https://www.heartmath.org/articles-of-the-heart/science-of-the-heart/making-emotions/

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We pay a high cost of "pushing through" our day to get our to do's done.  The cost? The loss of feeling connected to our own bodies.  Over time, this creates a habit to in-habit the body we live in.  


Living a life of love and balance leads to hearing what you body has been trying to communicate to you for years - "pause, breathe and move from survival to thriving."  


Then you live wide awake, connected to your body, and all the wisdom it has to share.  


And all the fun too.

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Dr. Daniel Seigel :http://www.drdansiegel.com/

Heather Forbes:www.beyondconsequencesinstitute.com

Trauma and Loss Institutehttps://www.starr.org/training/tlc/com

Dr. Peter Levine Institutehttps://traumahealing.org/

ACE’s Study:http://www.acestudy.org/the-ace-score.html

Dr. Bruce Perry The Child Trauma Academy :http://childtrauma.org/

For more information contact Deborah Chelette-Wilson at deborahchelettewilson@gmail.com


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