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Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

In this 21st century our culture still doesn't understand at a heart-ful level the impact a father has on his children for good or ill. In particular, our culture does not understand the impact of a father on his daughters' sense of self-esteem. We understand how fathers are important in the lives of sons. Not to take away from that importance, we need to give the father-daughter relationship more attention.

Writing about fathers brought to mind my two fathers: my biological father and my stepfather. One was mostly out of my life and the other was a daily terror. Both hurt me and left a trail of "not good enough" in their stead. As the saying goes, you teach what you need to learn. Until now, I hadn't considered that my biological father (whom I idolized as a child) had actually abandoned me. Though we had to move away when I was 7 due to my stepdad's job, I didn't learn until I was around 14 that my biological dad knew where we lived and our phone number.