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Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

I don't know how it keeps happening? But another year and December has arrived before I am ready. Used to, the day after Thanksgiving, found me decorating all the halls, the front yard, and most of the rooms in the house for Christmas. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I was ready for the decorating, sending out Christmas Cards, catching up with friends and family and cooking, cooking, cooking and shopping, shopping, shopping.

Maybe I'm becoming a 'cranky old woman' but what I've observed over the years about the "Holidays" leaves me less than feeling festive. Making a big fuss over people you haven't talked to or seen the whole year doesn't make sense. Neither does adding 10,000 more things to the to-do list because "we've always done it this way," leading to being short and snappy with people you see every day. I'm not knocking family traditions; however, ever so often I think we need to re-visit them and ask ourselves if we are really wanting to do all these activities or we're doing them just because.