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Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

The scars I carry you cannot see for they are hidden in the depths of me
Far away from prying eyes, looking
To hurt not help.
Safe and protected from the world that says,
"Show me your pain and I'll help you heal."
I believed that and reached out once too often getting scars upon scars, then accusations for salve.
No thank you!
I keep my scars hidden in the dark, where only I go with the light of my soul to heal what must stay locked away from others.

Before you judge me for my lack of trust think about this:

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Revelations keep coming about the more commonly occurring sexual abuse of children than anyone wants to know. This issues continues to surface as an in your face world-wide social problem. Those who are shocked and appalled and those who continue looking for ways to invalidate the courageous, who lived this experience, appear to be making judgments, laws and social decisions without truly understanding this lived experience. Many like me, who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, go quietly about their lives attracted to other wounded souls whom they can share love and care for when they haven't learned to do it for themselves.

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

You come into the world as a Soul with your own special gifts, talents and mission to fulfill.

You are born into a family that has a point of view on everything. How to raise children, how to have relationships, beliefs about money, sex, what you do every day, what you do on holidays, which holidays you celebrate, family rules and ways a family does everything. There is a point of view about what is possible for you if you are a girl or if you are a boy.

In your innocence and openness you accept all of this into you and become identified with it.

You are born into a country with many people who have many points of view on everything. Some of these points of view have been handed down for generations. They don't even know why they think and do what they think and do but they keep passing it on generation after generation.