Stress Management
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Stress Management

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

I'm don't mean to complain and whine but...

Many years ago I worked as a secretary for a banking consulting company and then in a detective division. I was very well-organized and could find anything that was needed in a millisecond. Things have changed or I have changed or both. Maintaining the organization of personal, my company, and professional information has become overwhelming for me. At times I struggle to understand it. I don't think I'm any less efficient than before but like the frog in the cold pot of water, gradually over the last 30 years things have heated up and I haven't jumped out of the pot. (Luckily, I've been simmering rather than boiling).

I know that 3 emails, a post office box and home delivery, two phones lines, on-line communication apps and a cell phone are a lot more than I've ever had of 'communication' devices. But I used to work a switchboard and it wasn't so disruptive. Of course, that was the only thing to do at that time.

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

I thought that if I was:

1. Patient with others

2. Kind, understanding and compassionate

3. Sacrificed so my children can have a better life than I did

4. Put my husband's needs ahead of my own; even have sex when I really need sleep

5. Make sure that I participate at church, school, social and community organizations

6. Volunteer for good causes

7. Made sure to be effective, efficient and productive at work

8. Stay organized at home and work

9. Stay up-to-date on technology, the news, and world events to be informed

10. Become financially successful

Expert Author Deborah Chelette-Wilson

The holiday season brings additional "To Do's" to an already hectic schedule. It is too easy to forget to put ourselves on that list. What happens to our Ho! Ho! Ho! spirit when we are stressed out with saying yes to EVERYTHING, rather than a few no, no, no's?

Here are a few helpful tips to lower stress while making sure you spend a little time self-caring at this time of the year. Your family will thank you. (Probably not, but at least they won't complain if you are in a better mood.)