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I am the founder of Country Pathways, a counseling and education company in Northeast Texas. I am also the creator of Women on the Edge: A Love-Based Approach to self-care. This work in progress has come out of my own healing journey. Having survived abuse as a child and young adult I have fought for years to come out of the fog of confusion, fear, insecurity, shame, self-doubt and self-blame that I carried so carefully tucked away. Since I had survived those experiences I thought I was done with them. Little did I know that those unexpressed, unprocessed and unintegrated experience laid waiting in my subconscious until the right triggers released them in episodes of rage, anxiety, depression and lack of self-care. The everyday stresses of living and struggling to survive in the business world began to accumulate and became the triggers that sent me into years of traditional therapy and many trips to human potential workshops to work on myself. Though helpful and calmed my trauma monster for a while these methods did not get to the state level of memory where trauma is stored and where healing takes place. On my journey I found that I was not "broken". I learned life is more than just surviving; it is about bringing soulfulness into living a life of thriving. Now I share what I've learned to make shifting easier for others on their healing journey. I learned that most of the time a tiny shift in consciousness will 'rock my world' beyond my wildest dreams. After living on the edge, I have found that over the edge is a transformational journey of creativity, peace, joy and sharing. After all everything in life is about relationships. Having a better one with myself has led me to share more of the love inside of me with others. Then we are all blessed.

I received a Master's in Human Relations from OU at Norman in 1992. I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas in 1998. In 2005 I went into Private Practice in rural Northeast Texas. My work experiences include: fire fighter and EMT-A, Emergency Room Tech, Administrative Assistance, Insurance Agent, Forensic Interviewer, Founder of Caring for Kids, Drop out prevention Coordinator, Community Mental Health therapist, and Secretary. My focus is now on empowering and inspiring women to live from a new paradigm of soulfulness.

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