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Deborah WIlson

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A Life of Love and Balance Program and Country Pathways, PLLC Privacy Policy

You will find below information with regard as to which data will registered during your visit on, as well as to how this data will be used. In this regard, you hereby expressly agree to the registration and use of the following personal information and data.


1. Stored Data

Every access to our and every access to any data stored on our internet pages will be recorded. The said storage is made for system and statistical purposes. The following information will be stored: the name of the data accessed, the date and time of such access, the amount of data transferred, confirmation of successful access, web-browser and accessed domain / IP address(es).

Additional personal data shall only be recorded and stored in the event that such information is given by you in connection with your registration in and use of our membership system.


2. Protection of Data

Insofar as you shall have made personal data available, we shall use same only to answer your questions, to process closed and effective contracts as well as for technical administration.

Your personal data will only be made known to third parties for the purposes of either fulfilling any contract closed (and especially, in this regard, to any supplier fulfilling in whole or in part any such contract closed), for accounting/payment purposes or in the event that you shall have prior approved any party to whom such personal data is to be made know.

All confidential information that we have access to providing service to you will be kept strictly confidential.